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National Human Rights Commission


The National Human Rights Commission does not deal with complaints relating to economic, social
and cultural rights, such as the right to work, the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to
education, the right to health services, the right to social security, etc.
          (ii)      It is not empowered to enquire into complaints relating to events dating back to more than 1 year;
          (iii)     Against the police when the complaints are already being investigated by the Ombudsman; and against:
                   (a) The President of the Republic or his personal staff;
                   (b) The Chief Justice;
                   (c) The Director of Public Prosecutions or any person acting on the DPP’s instructions;
                   (d) The Commission on the Prerogative of Mercy, the Electoral Boundaries Commission, the Electoral Supervisory Commission, the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, the Public Service Commission and the Disciplined Forces Service Commission or their staff;
                   (e) Any person exercising powers delegated to him by the Public Service Commission and the Disciplined Forces Service Commission.
4.       Enquire into any private dispute between individuals or any complaint against private employers or professionals, e.g lawyers, doctors, etc.
5.       Fine, imprison or in any other way punish any person against whom a complaint is made.
6.       Give private legal advice.