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National Human Rights Commission


How does the NHRC operate ?

On receipt of a complaint, the NHRC
     (i) examines all information submitted;
     (ii) summons complainant, respondent and witnesses and examines them on oath or under solemn affirmation;
     (iii) calls for the production of documents or exhibits; and
     (iv) visits the locus if need be.

As required by the Act, the Commission attempts in the first instance to resolve the complaint by a conciliatory procedure. Should the attempt fail, the NHRC at the end of the enquiry -
      (i) refers the case to
              (a) the Director of Public Prosecutions if it appears that an offence has been committed;
              (b) the appropriate Service Commission where it appears that disciplinary action should be taken; or
              (c) the Officer in Charge of a parastatal body or Government owned company where it appears that disciplinary action should be taken against an employee;
     (ii) sends its conclusions and any recommendations in writing to the Minister responsible for Human Rights for appropriate action;

     (iii) recommends, where appropriate, the grant of relief to the complainant or any other person; and

     (iv) informs the complainant of the action taken.

How to lodge a complaint?

     (i) A complainant may call in person during working hours to fill a Complaints Form at the following

NHRC Office,
2nd Floor, Renganaden Seeneevassen Building,
Jules Koenig Street,
Port Louis
or may request a Complaints Form Complaintform.pdfComplaintform.pdf by phoning 208-2856.

     (ii) He may send a letter to the NHRC specifying
              (a) his personal particulars (name, address, telephone no., National Identity no.) and
              (b) particulars of the complaint (any human right which has been/is likely to be violated, name of person or body complained against, nature of complaint, date, time and place of occurrence, etc)

In Rodrigues, Complaints Forms may be collected at the office of the Island Chief Executive, Port Mathurin, and forwarded after completion to the NHRC at the above address.

The parties may be assisted by Counsel if they so wish.